Wes Thu Hál

While we're still getting snow, it's melting soon after it falls. The woodcock appeared a couple of days ago and we have some crocus around the house. We're still waiting to hear the peepers but they should wake soon.

The willows in the fields are a lovely golden yellow which means that they should be leafing out soon. The Curly Willow cuttings that I started a couple of weeks ago have leafed out and I can see roots running through the soil in the water jugs that I put them in. There's no new growth as such yet but I'm hopeful. They'll make a nice little grove of trees to block the wind in the winter and shade a picnic during the summer.

I stepped out into the garden to see if any of my perennial vegetables are stirring. My walking onions and my garlic are up but no sign of my rhubarb, my lovage, or my hops. Which brings me to this week's Noble Interest.

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