Wes Thu Hál

Hello! The weather has finally shifted into early spring patterns with warm days alternating with cold, snowy ones. The first red-winged blackbirds have arrived and the pussywillows are popping their soft,furry little noses out of their blankets. I've noticed a great number of tapped sugar maples. Still no woodcocks or spring peepers but that's okay. They'll be along.

Indoors, those crocus that I put in the cool spot in the pantry have come up. I don't know if they'll bloom yet, but just the greenery has made me happy. I found a couple of Hyacinth bulbs on deep discount and have put them in an empty spot in the crocus planter. We'll see if they grow and bloom. A few years ago, one of my amaryllis bulbs made an offset for me. I separated and potted it up and two days ago, it sent up its first bloom spike. I feel like a proud grandmother.

This week I'm going to have a group of Noble Interests. They are of a generous family with a fair number of useful species. Other members of this family I'll look at separately on another week but these are generally treated as interchangeable in many ways, so I'll do the same except where there are definitive differences.

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