Wes thu Hal!

Welcome to the beginning of this blog, the next step on my journey. Sharing this particular passion has been a lifelong joy for me. I've shared it by teaching classes at nature centers, herb festivals, and living history museums. I've shared it along roadsides and on walks through parks with total strangers. Fortunately, my family is tolerant of my impromptu classes, unless I'm making us truly late for an appointment.  It gives me the greatest joy to meet someone along the path that shares my passion, who teaches me something before we part.

So please - jump in with any question or comment you may have. Tell me your stories! There is so much to discover about our long love affair with plants and so, in keeping with common medieval Romantic practice, let's kiss and tell!

Here's my plan for this blog- there are so many ways in which plants have woven themselves through our lives and cultures that a single entry about one aspect of a plant would be doing it a disservice.

I have chosen to create five categories, one for each day of the week. I will address my featured plant in the context of that category on the same day of each week.  On Monday I will address the culture and cultivation of the plant. On Tuesday I will present culinary uses both past and present for it. Wednesday's post will discuss how it has been used in the past for healing. Thursday I will try to track the technological and social impact the plant has had on us and on Friday I'll look at the stories and legends that our noble focus may have inspired.  The whole set will be available on Saturday and Sunday for leisurely enjoyment.

The following Monday, I'll present a new featured plant and its culture. The rest of the posts will still show the previous week's featured plant. They will be archived and replaced each day until the end of the week when the full set for the new plant will be complete. Full circle. Just like the seasons. Neat, huh?

Some plants may not have left an illustrious trail in some of these categories. On those days, I will attempt to find some interesting trivia in keeping with the topic of the day. I'm always open to thoughts on what would work.

Enough introductory talk. I have chosen this week's plant because it's the plant that started it all for me. It is the plant that made my six-year-old brain explode with the brand new concept of – well- PLANTS!

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