Wes thu Hal!

Welcome! I hope you enjoyed reading last week's posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

In spite of the unusually warm weather at the moment, I'm all too aware that while the season moves from late winter to early spring in two weeks, it's still months to go before I can get out to the garden. Searching the pictures and garden plans helps keep the spirits up.

To that same end I've planted a container of crocus. They'll look cheery in the front window when they bloom. I also keep a small number of non-hardy herbs overwintering in the living room. They might even make it if I stop pulling leaves off them to carry around as aromatherapy.

At any rate, in attempt to give this blog a bit of order (and narrow down the choices just slightly), my plan is to present a rotation of types of plant. I will present a vegetable, an herb, a shrub, then a tree, then start back with a vegetable. Fruits will be presented by the category they fit into.

This being an herb week, I decided to be true to Aelfrida's roots and start out with one of the nine Anglo Saxon sacred herbs. Here is this week's Noble Interest-

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