Wes Thu Hál!

There's not much to report from my garden this week. The weather is unusual and we had a deep slush storm on Tuesday, so I was outside digging but I was uncovering cars instead of beets. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder if the crocus bulbs I potted up had the cold period they require to bloom, so I gently uncovered one to check. Sure enough, there's been no sign of growth so I'm guessing that they won't be blooming before Spring for me. I've got them in a cool spot in the pantry so maybe I'll get a show from them to sit on the front porch when the daffodils bloom. Meanwhile, maybe I'll get an African violet to set in the window next to me. Or better yet, root a cutting of rosemary. Maybe that will help me remember to get pre-chilled bulbs next time.

So with my mind firmly on Summer and this being a week to discover a shrub, I have chosen a Noble Interest that is inextricably fixed to Summer days for me.

This week is an herb and flower week and I have chosen a plant that is a bit of both. Let's see what can be discovered about this week's Noble Interest.

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