The obvious choice for this week’s tale is Rapunzel.I will point out that there is controversy here, though. If you do a search for “fairy tale” and “radish” you will get a bajillion sites about Rapunzel. The common wisdom is that Rapunzel’s mother craved radishes. However, if you look pastContinue Reading

You can find the radish in a lot more places than just the salad bowl.Pliny tells us that there was at least one offering of a golden radish to the god, Apollo. Every year in Oaxaca, Mexico, they celebrate The Night of the Radish – an entire festival centered onContinue Reading

Historically, the radish was almost as important in the leech’s repertoire as it was in the kitchen. According to Dioscorides, it is useful as a laxative, a diuretic and an emetic.There is some discussion as to whether the ancient Egyptians employed it. Some say that they paid their workers aContinue Reading

The radish has a very long history in the kitchen. Its characteristic bite can be played up or down, depending on your taste and how you prepare it. Its use was first documented in the third century BCE and it was probably around before that. In the manuscript Cookery andContinue Reading

RadishRaphanus SativusThe cultivation of the radish hasn’t changed greatly over the last several centuries although medieval cooks made more thorough use of it than most of us do. Since the radish prefers colder temperatures to germinate in, it’s one of the first fresh vegetables available in the spring. Start themContinue Reading

I was five. My great-grandparents passed away and in the Fall of that year my family moved from the small suburban apartment that we lived in to the small farm that they had left behind. They were both avid gardeners and left us a wonderland of beautifully unfussy landscaping andContinue Reading

Welcome to the beginning of this blog, the next step on my journey. Sharing this particular passion has been a lifelong joy for me. I’ve shared it by teaching classes at nature centers, herb festivals, and living history museums. I’ve shared it along roadsides and on walks through parks withContinue Reading