As ubiquitous as onions are in the kitchen, there seem to be few tales of it around the fire. The simple fact that it is so common has made it humble. A far cry from ancient Egyptian days when it was revered as a worthy offering to the gods.  AlthoughContinue Reading

Alexis Soyer, in his Pantropheon, states: Whoever wishes to preserve his health must eat every morning, before breakfast. young onions, with honey.1″ Such a treat is assuredly not very tempting : besides, this rather strong vegetable leaves after it a most unpleasant perfume, which long reminds us of its presence ; wherefore this recipeContinue Reading

Onion recipes abound. They are used in every type of recipe imaginable and in combination with every foodstuff imaginable. From Apicius: FRIED [1] PUMPKIN, SEASONED WITH PEPPER, LOVAGE, CUMIN, ORIGANY, ONION, WINE BROTH AND OIL: STEW THE PUMPKIN [in this] IN A BAKING DISH, TIE THE LIQUID WITH ROUX [mash] ANDContinue Reading

The culinary onion – Allium cepa – has been in cultivation for at least 7000 years. We have no record of what its wild form was like. There are a few closely related onion species found in the wild today but they are not the onion we find either inContinue Reading

I love onions. The more, the tastier, in my opinion. Cooked pretty much any way imaginable and in sweet jams, as well. I keep threatening to make candied onions. One of these days I will. They’re easy to grow and very pretty. There’s very little waste as all of theContinue Reading

I’m afraid that Spring does seem a bit hesitant to show her face this year. We still have about a foot of snow on the ground and the temperatures are only just starting to rise above freezing. Not to worry! The sun is warm and direct (when we get toContinue Reading