The story of Philemon and Baucis comes from Greek mythology and is a lesson on the duty and rewards of hospitality. It’s also a poignant reminder of what’s truly important in a loving relationship. This particular myth has been one of my very favorites since I was a child. IContinue Reading

Since ancient times, the Linden has been known as a tree of truth and peace.Herodotus tells us that “The Scythian diviners take also the leaf of the lime-tree (linden), which, dividing into three parts, they twine round their fingers; they then unbind it and exercise the art to which they pretend.”

Linden has long been honored as a gentle and relaxing herb.Gerard in his Herball tells us that:The floures are commended by divers against paine of the head proceeding of a cold cause, against dissinesse (dizziness?),the Apoplexie, and also the falling sicknesse, and not onely the floures,but the disstilled water thereof.

This is the first of our Noble Interests that cannot be bought for the kitchen but must be foraged for. So the first step you must take in order to sample the delights offered here is to find your linden tree.DISCLAIMER!: The wise person knows exactly what it is thatContinue Reading

The Linden tree makes a beautiful addition to the garden if you have enough room for it. It can achieve heights of 50′ to 80′ with a horizontal spread of 35′ to 50′, although it frequently stays smaller. It generally grows between 13” and 24” inches a year, depending onContinue Reading

This tree is something of a holy grail for me. As a nature center educator and a beekeeper, I’ve heard legendary stories about this tree. You can smell it for miles. You can hear it from farther away. It’s beautiful! It’s useful! It’s everywhere! I’ve never found one. Ah, well.Continue Reading

As I look out the window in my workspace, I note with some amusement that it’s sunny and snowing at the same time. Typical for this area, but still…the bright sunshine makes me want to get outside. Unfortunately, the snow makes it a bit less than pleasant.The good news isContinue Reading