While I was unable to find any tales of Min, I did find the following stories. In each of them, the lettuce is not the hero but the tool which enables the hero to gain what he desires. A magical plant indeed!First is Grimm’s tale The Salad. Here is theContinue Reading

While most of the cultures familiar with lettuce considered it definitely not the herb to indulge in on your way to a hot date on a feast night, the country that cultivated it originally had a very different opinion of it. In Ancient Egypt, lettuce was firmly associated with theContinue Reading

The lettuce that our Leech wants in her leech’s bag is Lactuca virosa, the wild lettuce. Lactuca sativa has had most of the active principles bred out of it although Aelfrida would not have hesitated to use the sativa in a pinch, especially for lesser complaints. It has been commonlyContinue Reading

Lettuce was very popular in Ancient Rome. It is said that it was often served twice in a meal although I was unable to find a lettuce dessert from any time period. Have you got anything for me there? Post it in the comments below so I can give itContinue Reading

The wild ancestors of lettuce were originally found in Asia Minor. We don’t know exactly when it was domesticated but the first recorded cultivation of it was in Egypt around 2500 BCE. It traveled to Rome around 50 CE. It was brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in theContinue Reading

When my grandfather and I sat down with the seed catalogues in the winter to plan our spring garden we always gave a good look at the lettuce varieties that we wanted to plant. Lettuce is easy to grow only if you give it what it demands and some varietiesContinue Reading

Hello! Welcome back. Despite the snow and ice outside, a couple of my flowers are conspiring to cheer me up in the house. The Tillandsia blooms are starting to open and the Amaryllis waited for me. This is good news as I took a short trip to the beach lastContinue Reading