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Aelfrida would have been unfamiliar with the plant that I so enjoy, as this cultivated variety didn't appear until the 1450's.

Here is a nice article on the search for the original medieval pink.

In Shakespeare's time, the gillyflower was a symbol of promiscuity because of how easily it hybridized.

Today, the carnation has come to be a symbol of many different movements, allegiances and life events. This site lists a few of them.

The lapel flower that Marty Robbins donned for his prom may have been responsible for the outcome of the evening since pink carnations represent a mother's love. He may have done better with a red one that told of his love for his date.

If you'd like to send your love a message in a nosegay, here is a tutorial on the history of Victorian tussy-mussies and how to make one and here are some possible meanings for the carnations to go in it.

The cut flower industry in America is a large business and relies heavily on carnations. Most of these flowers are now imported from South America.

So we find that our Noble Interest has a fairly large family and that the star of the group has changed a bit over time. It is well known and loved but tends to take a supporting role rather than the spotlight these days. Did I forget anything? Do you have a favorite member of this family? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

Tomorrow's Tales will bring a chicken, a pot of pinks, and a talking cabbage. Not necessarily in that order.

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