Almost all of the snow is melted and it’s been warming considerably here. I took a walk today and the first of the coltsfoot is up and I found a couple of garlic mustard plants along the way. My comfrey has sent shoots up, as well. There are crocus bloomingContinue Reading

While we’re still getting snow, it’s melting soon after it falls. The woodcock appeared a couple of days ago and we have some crocus around the house. We’re still waiting to hear the peepers but they should wake soon. The willows in the fields are a lovely golden yellow whichContinue Reading

I’m afraid that Spring does seem a bit hesitant to show her face this year. We still have about a foot of snow on the ground and the temperatures are only just starting to rise above freezing. Not to worry! The sun is warm and direct (when we get toContinue Reading

Hello! I tell you- just when you think Spring might be happening, a nor’easter sneaks up on you. In spite of the three and a half feet of snow that fell, Spring marches on. A flock of red-winged blackbirds took advantage of my feeders, along with a couple of gracklesContinue Reading

Hello! The weather has finally shifted into early spring patterns with warm days alternating with cold, snowy ones. The first red-winged blackbirds have arrived and the pussywillows are popping their soft,furry little noses out of their blankets. I’ve noticed a great number of tapped sugar maples. Still no woodcocks orContinue Reading

Hello! The weather has not improved, there being another two feet of snow fallen but we are gaining three minutes of sunshine a day now and there is a hint of hope for spring outside. The blue jays are making that lovely “belling” sound they make to attract a sweetheartContinue Reading

Hello! Welcome back. Despite the snow and ice outside, a couple of my flowers are conspiring to cheer me up in the house. The Tillandsia blooms are starting to open and the Amaryllis waited for me. This is good news as I took a short trip to the beach lastContinue Reading

As I look out the window in my workspace, I note with some amusement that it’s sunny and snowing at the same time. Typical for this area, but still…the bright sunshine makes me want to get outside. Unfortunately, the snow makes it a bit less than pleasant.The good news isContinue Reading

There’s not much to report from my garden this week. The weather is unusual and we had a deep slush storm on Tuesday, so I was outside digging but I was uncovering cars instead of beets. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder if the crocus bulbs I potted upContinue Reading

Welcome! I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.In spite of the unusually warm weather at the moment, I’m all too aware that while the season moves from late winter to early spring in two weeks, it’s still months to go before IContinue Reading