Wes Thu Hál!

Hello! Welcome back. Despite the snow and ice outside, a couple of my flowers are conspiring to cheer me up in the house. The Tillandsia blooms are starting to open and the Amaryllis waited for me. This is good news as I took a short trip to the beach last weekend and I was truly afraid that it would bloom while I was gone. I have resumed staring at it. That should speed things up, yes?

I am afraid I spoke too soon last week on the subject of my lemon verbena. The spider mites found it while I was away and there's not a ladybug in sight. I'm slightly concerned about the plant but actually worried about my ladybugs. I hope they're okay.

I have chosen this week's Noble Interest for two reasons: first, having grown up on a farm (did I mention I grew up on a farm?) this plant was one of the first that was planted in the vegetable garden in the spring. It makes me think of warmer temperatures and spring peepers, both of which I'm getting impatient for especially after the spring-like weather at the beach last weekend.

And second, nobody ever gives this poor plant a second thought. It seems time to give it the spotlight, at least for this week. So let's admire this week's Noble Interest.

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