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Without the Broom, You’ve Got the Furze

Given our Noble Interest’s apparent desire to take over the world, it seems to be curiously averse to being in the kitchen. It was used in at least one recipe for pickled buds in the 17th century. However, given its medicinal action on the heart and blood pressure perhaps this recipe  which uses saffron to approximate the cheery color of the Genista blossoms is a […]

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Genista in the Garden

Our Noble Interest this week is from a family surrounded by controversy and confusion. “Broom” is the common name. There is Common broom, French Broom, and Scotch Broom. There is Spanish Broom, Dyer’s Broom and Sweet Broom. The plant I had in mind is Planta Genista, the badge of the royal Plantagenet family. Genista is a lovely shrub and has admirers in the ornamental trade. […]

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Genista spp and Cytisus spp. This is a new plant for me so I’ll be learning as I write this week. Please feel free to help me along if you have any experience with this shrub. More about this topic: Without the Broom, You’ve Got the Furze … Genista in the Garden … Broom … Wes Thu Hál …

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About Aelfrida

My interest in plants started young. While most of my friends were playing with Barbie or dreaming of horses, I was out in the fields of our farm creating imaginary villages and caching collected seeds, roots and herbs against winter need. When I discovered the library and field guides, I realized that I had found my passion- the interaction between plants and people. While my […]

What is a Leech, anyway?

A leech is a person skilled in the art of leechcraft or, as it’s known today, healing. It comes from the Old English “læce”. In its original cultural context, a leech was a person who knew all of the healing plants and magics. That’s the simple answer. For the purposes of this blog, it’s a bit more complicated.I am a member of The Society for […]

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